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Engineering support of drilling fluids

Drilling fluids play an enormous role in the construction of oil and gas wells, starting with the cleaning of the wellbore from cuttings and warnings from geological complications and emergencies, ending with a qualitative opening of the productive formation and further high rate of production well flow.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is used in the manufacturing, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis.


One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture of parts and assembly units of any industry.

Extended Barrel Coring

Extended Barrel Coring

A unique feature to the X2500 series conventional coring system is the Surface Adjustable Long Lead capabilites incorporated into the design.

Utilizing conventional steel, disposable fiberglass or aluminum inner tubes the length of core cut in a single run is only limited by the lithology of the formation to be explored.

Extended Barrel Coring has in some cases replaced wireline coring and greatly reduces rig time when compared to conventional coring. Most commonly used is the 27 and 36 Meter configuration in sandstones and shales while retaining 100% of the core column.

Leads and expansions are quickly and easily calculated by Petrotool’s coring engineers when making up the core barrel during the run in hole. Once the desired length has been assembled the coring engineer can quickly and easily set and adjust the lead within 1mm from surface without the need to open the core barrel or pick up to verify.

The lead and lock are set through the API connection on the top of the core barrel with a few simple turns of a wrench.