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Engineering support of drilling fluids

Drilling fluids play an enormous role in the construction of oil and gas wells, starting with the cleaning of the wellbore from cuttings and warnings from geological complications and emergencies, ending with a qualitative opening of the productive formation and further high rate of production well flow.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is used in the manufacturing, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis.


One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture of parts and assembly units of any industry.

Conventional Coring Systems

Conventional Coring Systems

At Petrotool the bottom line in conventional coring is still reliable delivery - being well prepared, arriving on site with the best equipment and technology possible, cutting full lengths of core, cutting it quickly, retrieving it safely and presenting it securely for examination.

We work closely with clients to ensure the planning for projects is executed flawlessly. At Foothills we have the solid experience that comes from decades of being challenged by our clients.We have developed highly innovative technology for unusual and specialized coring situations and have created an unprecedented databse of experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin along with a rapidly growing list of global success stories.

P2500 Conventional Core Barrel

The warhorse of the Foothills'coring equipment fleet. The P2500 series core barrels are a modification of the original Christensen 250P design.

The P2500 system is suitable for all but the most severe well conditions. With a proven trakc record the P2500 system has been run in thousands of formations in hundreds of countries.

X2500 Conventional Core Barrel

The X2500 represents the most advanced Conventional Coring System that Foohills has to offer.

Equipped standard with High Torque Connections, External Adjusting Long Lead, Ehanced Outer Barrel Stabilization, HPHT Materials and Increased Wall Thickness the X2500 system is the leading choice for quality core sampling in any hole condition.