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Engineering support of drilling fluids

Drilling fluids play an enormous role in the construction of oil and gas wells, starting with the cleaning of the wellbore from cuttings and warnings from geological complications and emergencies, ending with a qualitative opening of the productive formation and further high rate of production well flow.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is used in the manufacturing, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis.


One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture of parts and assembly units of any industry.

Crossover subs

Adapters according to the State Standard 7360, SS 23979-80, TS 3668-002078655520-214

The adapters are pipe branches with threaded top and low ends. They are used as connecting elements of drilling and casing strings, lifting pipes having different sizes and types of thread. Various types of adapters are produced:

Adapters for drilling strings


They are for lifting pipes connection of different sizes and also for underground equipment having connecting parts with lifting pipes thread used for oil and gas wells operation. The sizes and types of adapters for lifting pipes are conform to the State Standard 23979-80, the threads are performed according to SS 633-80.

Adapters for lifting pipes


They are used for connecting tubing of different sizes, as well as underground equipment having tubing thread of connecting ends used during oil and gas wells operation. Types and sizes of tubing are according to state standard specification 23979-80 , threads are made in accordance with state standard specification 633-80

Переводники обсадных колонн Переводники обсадных колонн

Adapters for casing strings


They are for casing strings parts of different sizes and threaded connections of different types according to the State Standard 632-80 (casing strings acme thread and sleeve, etc.)