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Engineering support of drilling fluids

Drilling fluids play an enormous role in the construction of oil and gas wells, starting with the cleaning of the wellbore from cuttings and warnings from geological complications and emergencies, ending with a qualitative opening of the productive formation and further high rate of production well flow.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is used in the manufacturing, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis.


One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture of parts and assembly units of any industry.


Stabilizers for drilling oil and gas wells

Calibrators are designed to extend and calibration sections of the wellbore diameter drill bit and to center and improve the working conditions of the bit and stabilizing the direction of the axis of the borehole during drilling

Stabilizers the following types are produced:

• Transitional;

• Muff;

• Nipple.

Depending on the rock hardness category, the stabilizers are equipped with different types of teeth.

The average operating time of the stabilizers for failure is not less than 200 hours provided that the rules of storage, transportation and operation are observed.

The resource of stabilizers before the first repair is destruction of carbide equipment (teeth) in the amount of 40% of the total number of teeth or a decrease in diameter up to the lower permissible limit.

Stabilizers with spiral blades (KLS)


Stabilizers with straight blades (KP)