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Drill bits service

OOO "PetroTool" offers delivery and engineering support of rock cutting tool of any size from 660,4 mm to 83mm, both own production and leading manufacturers. We select the tool, taking into account mining-geological and technological conditions of a particular well.

Selection of an optimum range of drill bits and quality engineering support of rock destruction tool allows you to optimize the drilling process, to ensure the optimum drilling speed, shorten the construction period of the wells and to reduce material costs of the Customer.

Highly qualified personnel trained in the specialized program, based on their own experience and meets the requirements of the Customer.

The main challenge in the implementation of modern technologies of drilling oil and gas wells is an all-day engineering control, which allows you to maximize the use of every bit due to the choice of the method and drilling modes, ensuring the efficiency of drilling a well under specified conditions, which ultimately is the determining factor influencing the increase of technical and economic parameters of the Customer.

Drill bits service from the company "PetroTool" is:

  • Development of drilling programs for drilling operations taking into account mining-geological conditions of a particular well and the region on the facility of the Customer;
  • Highly qualified personnel with tolerances according to the requirements of labour protection, industrial safety and safety in the oil and gas industry;
  • Selection of optimal operation mode bits, providing high technical and economic indicators of the Customer;
  • On-line monitoring of the process of mining bits with recommendations aimed at achieving the maximum performance;
  • Hydraulic calculations;
  • Providing the Customer with daily reports on each well, in form of the Customer, tAK on its own form;
  • Providing the Customer with a scheduled report running the bit;
  • Providing the Customer with the final report for the well on the working out bit;
  • Technical support when developing bits of own production;
  • Technological and techno-economic analyses of mining bits;
  • Developed service logistics.