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Engineering support of drilling fluids

Drilling fluids play an enormous role in the construction of oil and gas wells, starting with the cleaning of the wellbore from cuttings and warnings from geological complications and emergencies, ending with a qualitative opening of the productive formation and further high rate of production well flow.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is used in the manufacturing, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis.


One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture of parts and assembly units of any industry.

Telemetry "TARGET"

Directional Drilling Branch of PetroTool LLC is the new dynamically developing division providing directional drilling services in drilling directional and lateral wells using own design MWD tool called ‘Target’

PetroTool has developed and manufactured MWD system called ‘Target’. It is designed for real-time control of drilling direction parameters of directional and horizontal wells using electromagnetic (EM) link and for formation gamma-ray shooting. Directional Drilling Branch also has following MWD tools with hydraulic link : «PDT» (Pulse Directional Technologies, Canada) and «SureShot» (APS Technology Inc., USA).

The company develops Near Bit ‘Target’ sub and resistivity meter. Also works on MWD tool with electromagnetic (em) and mud-pulse (mp) link association in one tool that will significantly increase the scope of the ‘Target' system.

‘Target’ MWD tool measuring parameters:

• Inclination angle;

• Tool face position;

• Azimuth angle;

• Generator RPM;

• Formation gamma-ray radiation;

• Downhole shock levels.

‘Target’ MWD tool features:

• Drilling with BHA rotation is allowed;

• Titanium generator design is available (500 hours turnaround time);

• ‘Target MWD’ software provided (with ability to store data in .las, .csv, gamma-ray logging in .pdf, through WITS data transmission);

• Gravitational and magnetic axis raw values real-time issuing available;

• On bottom frequency change available.

Parameter Value
Measurement range, degree:  
Inclination angle 0 - 180
Azimuth angle 0 - 360
Tool face position 0 - 360
Measurement accuracy, degree:  
Inclination angle +0,2/-0,2
Azimuth angle +1,0/-1,0
Tool face position +2,0/-2,0
Max operational temperature, С 120
Max operational hydrostatic pressure, psi 8700
Max allowed BHA RPM  
Minimum flowrate, GPM 95.1
Suitable for NMDC OD, in 4...9
Length, ft 37.7