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Services for sidetracking

In addition to the standard drilling, Petroto offers sidetracking. To cut a "window" in the casing is offered in fact designed a patented device for cutting the "Aztek". The device consists of a hydraulic anchor, a whipstock and a good design sereznogo mill.

The advantages of the device for cutting the "Aztek":

  • Boring without emphasis on the face and cementing a 1 lowering of the lifting operation. Anchor, the wedge-diverter and cutter are connected on the rig are set to the proper depth and in a given direction, cut a "window" or drilled breed for 1 run;
  • Double cutters can cut all types of casing and more than one casing. The arms are reinforced with wear-resistant cutter blades of tungsten carbide which are sintered in a vacuum furnace at temperatures above 600OC. That allows you to cut a "window" in the casing without loss externally of the diameter of the milling cutter. You have the option to make any thread milling cutters;
  • The anchor is designed for mounting in the casing or open hole without the need of focusing on the bottom or cementing. Can withstand loads up to 50t. The pressure required to zakalivanie is 100 ATM and can be reached for mud pumps;
  • The wedge-diverter has a preset angle of 1.5 to 2.5 degrees depending on the desired intensity of the set of curvature parameters. Can be set at any Zenith angle and in any direction without the "collapse" of the "window".Device for cutting supplied with all additional equipment;
  • A template for the casing;
  • Elevator suspension anchors;
  • The overflow valve;
  • An orientation sub for orienting a whipstock in a predetermined direction;
  • If necessary, staffed patrolsim element.
triped"> Device type Diameter of casing, inches Maximum diameter of device, mm The diameter of the cutter, mm The total length of the device, m The diameter of the drill bit for later drilling, inch AzTec-140 5 116 116...120 Of 21.33 4 3/8 AzTec-146 5 3/4 118 124 128... Of 21.33 4 7/8 AzTec-168 6 5/8 137 143...148 22,97 5 5/8 AzTec-178 7 154 156 Of 26.90 6 1/8 AzTec-194 7 5/8 160 168 27,56 6 3/4 AzTec-219 8 5/8 180 194 Net loss of 27.62 7 1/2 AzTec-245 9 5/8 200 216...223 Net loss of 27.62 8 3/4