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Effectiveness of well drilling is determined by well oil or gas production rate. Technological fluids used in well construction process, including drilling fluids, are crucial for outcome. Thus another IPM key product is comprehensive drilling fluid service.

Drilling Fluid Service includes:

  • Development and preparation of drilling fluid program with detailed description of mud composition, required amount and explanation of chemical reagents;
  • Choosing of the proper mud type for effective borehole cleaning and saving reservoir properties based on geological conditions of reservoir and analysis of previously drilled wells;
  • Qualified engineering support using modern ways of mud properties control utilizing API certified measuring equipment;
  • When facing hole problems while drilling on-time providing of recommendations with preparation and implementation of emergency plan;
  • Maintenance of operational documentation (daily reports; end of well summary and analysis).

Drilling fluid types provided:

  • Water-based muds:
  • Clay mud, thin clay mud, polymer clay mud;
  • Clayless mud; • Gypsum-lime based mud;
  • Biopolymer fresh water based muds
  • Biopolymer salt based mud ‘AzTec-BRIGS’ Oil based muds:
  • Fuel based mud.

Regions of work:

Territories of Russian Federation: Republics of Bashkortostan, Komi, Tatarstan and regions of Samara, Saratov and Ulyanovsk. Customers including 3 of world top-40 oil production companies, Rosneft, LUKoil, Tatneft.

Our advantages in drilling fluid service:

  • High-qualified personnel with vast well site experience.
  • Round-the-clock technical support by supervisors in ‘rigoffice’ system.
  • Full supply by API certified modern rig laboratory equipment by OFITE® and FANN©.