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Control absorption of drilling fluid

Control absorption of drilling fluid

The team is "Petrotel" - AzTecDrilling has developed a method of controlling the absorption of drilling fluid during drilling using its own developed certified reagent "RTS".

The method involves several steps and is as follows:

  • Run and install the device in the specified interval;
  • Prepare high viscosity fluid (swab with a highly viscous liquid) on the basis of fresh water from the material filmed with filler LCM (grain size 0.4-2” and a concentration of 30-100 kg / m3);
  • Add reagent "RTS" with a concentration of 6-20 kg/m3, depending on the intensity of absorption of drilling fluid;
  • Pump ready solution to achieve the working pressure (WP) (depending on the intensity of fluid loss may require an additional amount of the swap).

The advantages of the method:

  • Allows you to use the same size drill bit without the need for an additional casing to solve the mud;
  • Reduces time to resolve problems with the absorption of drilling fluid;
  • Cheaper than the system you are expanding;
  • Used with a standard drilling rig equipment.