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One of the main directions of our company activity is manufacturing of parts and Assembly units of all industries, construction and agriculture, as well as metal. Our company provides the full life cycle of production from design to delivery of finished products to the warehouse of the customer.

Using their knowledge and experience, advanced technology, Metalworking, available modern machinery, we successfully solve tasks of any complexity. Design drawings-projects is possible on the basis of the customer's specifications and sample. The products are manufactured in accordance with current normative-technical documents (GOST, OST, TU, TC, STR), either to customer drawings.

What we offer:

  • Highly qualified engineering personnel and manufacturing.
  • The processing of ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless, and magnetic and non-metallic materials, PTFE.
  • Semi-automatic arc welding gas (acetylene) welding and soldering connection of the metal by introducing the molten solder.

What You get:

  • Products are manufactured in the agreed time frame.
  • Highest quality confirmed by multilevel control.
  • The use of different NDT methods in the production process.
  • Analysis of chemical composition and mechanical properties of metals (if necessary).