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Engineering support of drilling fluids

Engineering support of drilling fluids

The effectiveness of the construction of oil and gas wells is determined by the productivity of the well. The most important role in these processes play the process fluid, which include washing liquid. OOO "Petrotel" offers comprehensive support services for drilling fluids

Our advantages in service of drilling fluids:

  • Highly qualified staff with rich experience in the field.
  • Round the clock technical support managers, field engineers and technicians in the "hole office".
  • Full support of advanced field laboratories firm "OFITE" and "FANN", the relevant requirements of standards API (American Petroleum Institute).
  • Own scientific and technological laboratory of drilling mud, equipped with modern equipment of domestic and foreign production in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation and international standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API).
  • Competitive price.
  • The reliability and safety.

Regions of work: Republic Bashkortostan, Komi, Tatarstan, Samara, Saratov and Ulyanovsk region. The company's customers include 4 of the top 40 global mining companies: PJSC "NC "Rosneft", PJSC "LUKOIL", JSC "Tatneft", JSC ANK "Bashneft".

Drilling muds service includes:

  • The design and implementation of wash program in drilling mud with a detailed description of the formulation, the required amount of preparation and assignment of chemical reagents;
  • Select the type of drilling mud on the basis of the geological conditions of the deposits and analysis of previously drilled wells, allowing to keep the reservoir properties of formations;
  • Qualified engineering and technological support with the use of modern methods of control parameters of the drilling mud using a laboratory equipment, suitable forguide to standards API (American Petroleum Institute);
  • If you experience not scheduled complications in the drilling process - timely issuance of recommendations, plans for the elimination and prevention of complications;
  • Maintaining working documentation (detailed daily reports, final reports).

Used mud systems:

  • Encapsulating;
  • KCL gypsum-lime;
  • Gypsum-lime;
  • Clay, polymer-clay;
  • Biopolymer polysaccharide;
  • Emulsion-gel inhibited;
  • Silicate.
  • Mineral oil;
  • On diesel fuel.
  • Foamed biopolymer solution.

Stage of work:

  • Collect and analyze information (type of wells, geological structure field; possible complications; customer requirements);
  • Recipe development in nits;
  • Drafting and negotiation of a program for drilling fluids;
  • Delivery of materials to the Customer for the provision of services;
  • Preparation of drilling fluid on the object and control of mud properties;
  • Preparation of the final report on a completed well.