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Information technological support of well construction

Information technological support of well construction

OOO "Petrotel" provides informational and technological support for the construction of directional and horizontal wells using telemetry. The company is a developer and manufacturer of complex directional drilling (RPS) Target.

This complex is intended for monitoring and operational management of the wellbore trajectory in directional and horizontal wells in the process of turbine and turbine-rotary drilling with the use of electromagnetic and hydraulic wireless communication channel, and registration of natural gamma radiation of rocks, has available the Park of telemetry systems with hydraulic communication channel from the "PDT" (PulseDirectionalTechnologies, Canada) and the "SureShot" from APSTechnologyInc, USA.

The company is developing maddaluno module "Target" and resistivity meter. Work on the combination of electromagnetic and hydraulic communication channels that will significantly increase the scope of the RPS Target.

Features CSS "Target»:

  • Allowed the drilling by rotating the drill string about the rotor 70. mines';
  • A self-generator design in titanium (overhaul period of 500 hours);
  • A private "TargetMWD" (with the option to save the data. las .csv, gamma-ray logging in .pdf, data transmission Protocol WITS);
  • The possibility of issuing raw values of gravitational and magnetic axes;
  • The ability to switch the transmission frequency to the slaughter.

Principal parameters of the NSC "Target»:

  • Zenith angle;
  • The position of the diverter;
  • Azimuth;
  • Momentum generator;
  • Gamma radiation of rocks;
  • Vibration.
Name of parameter On technical requirements
Measurement range, degrees:  
Zenith angle 0 - 180
Azimuth 0 - 360
The angle of the diverter 0 - 360
Acceptable basic error of measurement of the degree:  
Zenith angle +0,2/-0,2
Azimuth +1,0/-1,0
The angle of the diverter +2,0/2.0 EV
The maximum operating temperature, With One hundred twenty
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa Sixty
The maximum speed when the turbine-rotary drilling Seventy
The minimum flow rate of flushing fluid, l/s Six
Overall dimensions, mm:  
Diameter range from Ø105 203
Length 11 500