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Capacity thermos V=8 cubic meters

Capacity thermos V=8 cubic meters
Name allowed stored environment: Drinking water
The volume of the container: 8 m3
The material of the inner cavity capacity: Steel 09G2S
The material of the insulating layer Mats of mineral wool
Method of heating: Water vapor moving along zmeevka laid inside the tank
Climatic version: For areas with a temperate climate, placement category 1 according to GOST 15150-69
Working temperature range: – 40 °C ... + 40 °C
Overall dimensions, not more (LxWxH): 5600х2100х2120 mm
The dry weight of the BEI, not more than: 4000 kg


Capacity-thermos is a mobile unit, for storing technical water on the drilling floor. To maintain a positive water temperature in the tank is provided a coil that moves water vapor and insulation capacity outside.

The tanks are made of steel 09G2S thickness of 10 mm, insulated with mineral wool mats and covered with galvanized sheets. Capacity thermos consists of an insulated tank which is rigidly mounted on the frame of the sledge type.

For anchoring and loading capacity for transport, its frame provides tie-down devices.

Included: capacity-thermos, sled, manhole, sight ladder and zmeevi.

Capacity-flask requires no special Foundation, so it can appear in any order as close as possible to the consumer.