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Block-container compressor

Block-container compressor
Brand of compressors: DAN-11 SR
Number of compressors: 2 compressor
Mode of operation: always ready
Name of the work environment: atmospheric air
Working pressure: Of 0.7±0.05 MPa
Volumetric capacity: 3,4 (1,7+1,7 reserve) m3/min
Working temperature range: – 40 °C ... + 40 °C
The working temperature in the room BKK: not below +5 °C
Power supply: 380 V
The frequency of the supply voltage: 50 Hz
Category of premises according to fire and explosion safety: D
Overall dimensions, not more (LxWxH): 4450х2250х2260 mm
Weight, not more: 5000 kg


BPC is an Autonomous mobile compressor station is designed to supply compressed air to technological processes on the rig.

The heating and ventilation system can operate in a wide temperature range – 40 0C to + 40 0C. BPC does not require a special Foundation so it can move around as close as possible to a customer place that reduces the loss of line pressure, and therefore reduces costs. All that is necessary for the organization of the work of the CCB is the horizontal platform and the connection to 380V.