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Block container for water

Block container for water
Name allowed stored environment: Drinking water
Number of containers: 3 capacity
The total volume of the containers: 3 m3
The working temperature inside the BEI not below +5 0C
Power supply: 220
The frequency of the supply voltage: 50 Hz
Working temperature range: – 40 °C ... + 40 °C
Category of premises according to fire and explosion safety: D
Overall dimensions, not more (LxWxH): 4450х2250х2260 mm
The dry weight of the BEI, not more than: 3500 kg


The BEI is a mobile heated unit with installed inside the water tanks of the type Eurocup. The BEI is intended for potable water storage on the rig site. For minimizing heat loss when pouring water in the tank, the walls provided a special window for placement of hoses.