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Blade Calibrators are intended for diameter bore hole reaming in soft, hard and medium-hard formations, as well as for centering and improving of drill bit working conditions and for well axis direction stabilization during drilling.

The following types of calibrators are produced:

  • KP – with straight blades;
  • KLS – with spiral blades

Depending on formation hardness calibrators are equipped with different types of cutters and they are classified the following way:

  • М – with cutters for soft formation gauging;
  • ST – with cutters for medium-hard and hard formations gauging

By the method of connection to the drill string parts the following types of calibrators are produced:

  • Adaptor (connecting thread type is sleeve –boring jet pipe);
  • Sleeve box (connecting thread type is sleeve - sleeve).

Calibrators with spiral blades (KLS)


Calibrators with straight blades (KP)