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One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture of parts and assembly units for any industry, construction and agriculture, as well as different metalware production.

Our company provides full life cycle of production from design up to delivery of finished products to the warehouse of the customer.

Using our knowledge, experience, advanced metalworking technology and modern equipment we successfully solve problems of any complexity designing drawings based on the customer's specifications or sample parts and we manufacture products in accordance with current technologicalnormative documentation (GOST (Russian standard specification), OST (Branch Standards), TU (Technical Specifications) and customer's drawings. API (for oil and gas industry).

Design engineering, staff training and technology planning allows working on ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless, nonmagnetic metals, non-metallic materials and fluoroplastic, and allow to make a semiautomatic arc welding, gas (acetylene) welding and brazing (using molten solder).

Professional technological preparation of production and available production facilities allow any type of processing of ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless metals and other materials, regardless of their delivery conditions. The modern metalworking technologies implemented at the enterprise in combination with the unique welding, brazing, soldering operations allows manufacturing products of the highest complexity that can meet any customer's requirements.

The ordered products are made within confirmed time, providing the highest quality, confirmed by multilevel control throughout the process, starting with the incoming materials and components inspection, ending the final inspection of finished products with the compulsory use of non-destructive testing.