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PetroTool LLC provides drill pipe repair services. Drill pipe repair is carried out under production conditions with modern equipment.

The following operations are performed in the process of repair:

  • Cleaning. Inner and outer pipe surfaces are mechanically cleaned.
  • Defects Diagnostics. Lock joints and pipe body flaw inspection is performed.
  • Pipe straightening. Inspection is performed to correct the curvature of pipe
  • Re-threading. Lock joint re-threading operation is made with modern pipe-threading machines. Control is carried out by gauge rings. API.
  • Revitalizing of the lock joint geometry. This operation involves the repair of lock joints by metal welding on the worn surfaces and a subsequent machining of locks up to sizes corresponding to the GOST requirements. API.
  • Hard banding (Hard Facing). Hard banding (hard facing) is used to prevent wear of lock joint outer diameter. The operation is performed with flux cored wire. This alloying material has the following advantages:
  1. substantial increase of service life;
  2. multiple drill pipe refacing by hard banding (hard facing) without removing of the old worn-out reinforcement facing;
  3. significant wear reduction of casing pipe due to contact with the drill pipe;
  4. application of welding technology for drill pipes made of highstrength alloy.
  • Phosphating. Thread connections are subjected to phosphating to protect against corrosion and antifriction properties.

Technical possibilities of production:

Group of equipment Carry out operations Technical parameters
Lathes machining centers Turning operations on all types

the diameter of the workpiece: min 10 mm max 530 mm

length obrabatyvaemoi details: min 20 max 2000 mm

Milling machining centers Complex 5-axis simultaneous machining of workpieces with high precision

the diameter of the workpiece: min 30 max 900 mm

length obrabatyvaemoi details: min ___ max 1400 mm

Drilling Drilling, reaming, countersinking, countersinkSC, reaming, boring, tapping machine taps

drilling capacity 32 mm

max product length 600 mm

Cylindrical grinding Grinding of outer surfaces of bodies of revolution of different materials

the diameter of the workpiece: min ___ max 320 mm

length obrabatyvaemoi details: min ___ max 2000 mm

Hydroabrasive Precision notched cutting of sheet material cutting thickness is 1...200 mm
Truboreza Lathe machining tubes and blanks and pipe connections. Cutting pipe workpieces of all types and kinds of threads: conical, cylindrical, triangular, trapezoidal, metric, locking, etc.

the diameter of the workpiece: min 80 max 410 mm

length obrabatyvaemoi details: min 30 max 12000 mm

Band saw Cut blanks

billet round ø 560 mm

billet size up to 560х700 mm

Hydraulic wrench Screwing and unscrewing threaded pipe joints

diameter 380 mm 70...

product length 500 mm...18000

max torque unscrewing 210 kN·m max screwing torque of 160 kN·m

Welding equipment Manual and semi-automatic arc welding gas (acetylene) welding  
Heat treatment Hardening, temper, etc.

max size of section mm 600х650

max length 1100 mm

Sand blasting Surface preparation products for paint

max size of the cross section 800x800 mm

max length 800 mm

Phosphating Processing of metal products with the purpose of further protection against corrosion

max RAmeasuring the section 400x400 mm

max part length 800 mm

the temperature of the working solution to 100 °C

Soldering The combination of metals by introducing molten solder  

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