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Downhole motor operation department of PetroTool provides following services:

  • Rental and engineering support of downhole motors (PDM), double acting hydromechanical drilling jars. As well as range of supporting equipment including lifting subs, safety clamps, chain spiders.
  • Equipment selection meeting Customer requests.

All equipment is subject to go through mandatory interrepair maintenance and non-destructive testing at the repair facility of the company.

Delivery of drilling equipment to drilling site, if needed, is possible by own fleet of modern trucks coordinated by logistics center.

PDM repair facility provides following services:

  • repair and maintenance of own PDM, as well as Customer drilling equipment (packers, PDM, jars)
  • spare parts productions for driveshaft & bearing section.
Technical parameters 7LZ102x7.0-III-K
The outer diameter of the spindle D, mm One hundred two
The outer diameter of the stator Dст, mm One hundred two
The outer diameter of the clutch controller Dм, mm One hundred four
Motor length L, mm Four thousand seven hundred twenty
The length of the stator Lст, mm Two thousand five hundred seventy
Engine weight, kg One hundred sixty
Diameter of bits used, mm 117,5-152,4
Connecting thread to bit S-76
Connecting thread for drill tool S-76
Permissible axial load, kN (TS) 60 (6)
The warping angle between sections, deg. 0-4
The length of the bottom shoulder Lнп, mm One thousand one hundred twenty
The length of the active hAsti stator, mm Two thousand four hundred
Power section lobe configuration, Zp/Zcт 7x8
The flow rate of the washing fluid, l/s 6-14
Rotation frequency of output shaft, rpm 116-270
The differential pressure in operation, ATM 5-25
The torque on the output shaft, kN*m 1,36-of 2.38
Pressure drop at maximum capacity ATM. Seventy
Power, kW. 33,6