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About the company

OOO "Petrotel" is a reliable manufacturing company of drilling equipment, engineering support (engineering), project management, and the provision of services in the field of drilling oil and gas wells for customers in Russia and abroad.

The main purpose of LLC "Petrotel" is both (simultaneously) providing high quality drilling tools and integrated service that gives the Customer receives a guarantee (assurance), reliable protection of its interests and financial investments.

OOO "Petrotel" has its own logistics center, equipped with modern technology and performing the delivery of the equipment within the required timeframe.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the implemented and current standards of quality management ISO 9001:2008, environmental management ISO 14001:2004 and API standards Q.


Established in 2006, OOO "Petrotel" originally specialized in the provision of services bit support. The duties of young specialists of the enterprise included the implementation of complex of measures aimed at optimization of drilling process, including preparation of drilling programs, technical-technological and techno-economic analysis of bits, the selection of optimal modes of operation of the tool, reporting.

The organization was able to establish itself as a trusted provider, partner and customer. Naturally the scope of its activities steadily expanded, covering new areas and territories. Today, the company "Petrotel" combines many different directions. This structure allows the Association of a comprehensive approach to the wide range of tasks associated with drilling and fully meet the needs of its customers.

Relying on rich professional experience, the specialists of LLC "Petrotel" provide a full range of engineering services in drilling oil and gas wells. The company provides integrated project management (IPM), including the coordination and administration of execution of works to the customer through the provision of engineering, technical, and logistic support of the project. Includes the provision of necessary technology and equipment to the customer:

  • Analysis of the nearest group of wells
  • Engineering-feasibility study
  • The project of construction of wells
  • Preparation of well construction
  • The mobilization of the necessary equipment
  • Development of the ground infrastructure and maintenance
  • drill bits service
  • CPU service
  • Telemetry
  • Service drilling fluids
  • Coring
  • The cementing of casings and liners
  • Analysis of the drilled well with conclusions and proposals
  • Develop well
  • Demobilization of equipment
  • Disposal of drilling waste
  • Reclamation
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the customer

One of the main customers of OOO "Petrotel" on the territory of the Russian Federation for many years, is public joint stock company "Bashneft". To fully meet the requirements of the oil company, Bashkir drillers improve the use of technology and adopt an integrated approach to the execution of orders, which gives a visible effect, allowing akramath deadline.

The company fully provides comprehensive integrated project management (IPM), as well as the drilling of turnkey and services separate service. The main objective of the integrated approach is to minimize the cost of the customer. Starting in 2014, "Petrotel" provides comprehensive project management at the "Bashneft".

One of the directions of activities of LLC "Petrotel" is the provision of information and technical and technological support of the construction of directional and horizontal wells. The company's specialists used the telemetry system of its own design Target with electromagnetic communication channel, and systems with hydraulic channel of communication: PDT canadian production company Pulse Directional Technologies and SureShot of the American company APS Technology Inc.

Design-technological Department and the Department of new technologies to improve maddaluno module "Target" and resistivity meter. So, the combination of electromagnetic and hydraulic communication channels will significantly increase the use of this equipment.

The employees of LLC "Petrotel" applied successfully designed and manufactured the telemetry system at more than ten sites. Only in 2014 was carried out informational and technological support of the construction of sixty-directional and horizontal wells. The work was carried out in Tatarstan, Komi, Bashkortostan and Udmurtia, and the Samara, Saratov and Arkhangelsk regions. Customers in this case were such large companies as "LUKOIL-Komi", LLC "Bashneft-dobycha" OOO "Bashneft-Burenie", LLC "Aloil-remservis", JSC (now PAO) "Zenit" and LLC "Targin Drilling".

Not unimportant for customers is a service for exploration drilling, associated with oil, gas and gas condensate, as well as the Spud sidetrack, which provides the company "Petroto". In turn, the customer can also rent a mountain and oilfield equipment. The specialists of "Petrotel" specializiruetsya on finding and implementing high-tech solutions in the field of construction of wells, enhanced oil recovery, repair and insulation works. Thanks to the symbiosis of science and production, theory and practice", OOO Petrotel" has the ability to offer customers high-quality service, fast deadlines, and communicate with highly qualified specialists and provide a full range of drilling and related services.

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