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Subs GOST 7360,GOST 23979-80, THE 3668-002078655520-214

The subs represent the nozzles, the upper and lower ends of which terminate in threads. Used as connecting elements of drill, casing, tubing strings having different diameters and thread types. Subs are available in various types:

Subs for drill strings


To interconnect the individual parts of the drill string and acceding to the tool used in the drilling of wells. The subs are manufactured in all sizes in accordance with GOST, with thread, the right and left direction cutting.

Adapters for pump and compressor pipes


To interconnect tubing of various diameters, as well as underground equipment having connecting ends of the threaded tubing used in the exploitation of oil and gas wells. The sizes of the subs for tubing with GOST 23979-80, and thread are made according to GOST 633-80

The subs for casing


To interconnect the elements of the casing having different diameters and threaded connections of various types according to GOST 632-80 (OTTM,OTTG, etc.)


Calibrators for drilling oil and gas wells

Calibrators are designed to extend and calibration sections of the wellbore diameter drill bit and to center and improve the working conditions of the bit and stabilizing the direction of the axis of the borehole during drilling.

The calibrators are manufactured in the following types:

• Transient;

• The coupling;

• Nipple.

Depending on the grade of hardness of the rocks, the calibrators are equipped with various types Zubkov.

Average life calibrators for failure – at least 200 hours under condition of observance of rules of storage, transportation and use.

Resource calibrators to the first repair – the destruction of the carbide of equipment (Zubkov) in the amount of 40% of the total number of Zubkov or decrease in diameter to the bottom margin.

Calibrators spiral blades (KLS)

Calibrators with straight blades (KP)