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One of the main directions of our company activity is manufacturing of parts and Assembly units of all industries, construction and agriculture, as well as metal.Our company provides a full life cycle production...

Services for sidetracking

In addition to the standard drilling, Petroto offers sidetracking. To cut a "window" in the casing is offered in fact designed a patented device for cutting the "Aztek". The device consists of a hydraulic anchor, a whipstock and...

Information technological support of well construction

OOO "PetroTool" providing information and technological support for the construction of directional and horizontal wells using telemedicine is a developer and manufacturer of complex directional drilling (RPS) Target.

Engineering support of drilling fluids

The effectiveness of the construction of oil and gas wells is determined by the productivity of the well. The most important role in these processes play the process fluid, which include washing liquid. Another focus of IPM is providing consultancy services...

Integrated project management (IPM). Construction of wells under the key

With 2014 in the company "PetroTool" a new kind of services – well construction, turnkey or Integrated project management (IPM) well construction. In 2015, the company provides comprehensive project management for facilities...