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PetroTool LLC is a reliable partner in the production, delivery and support services in the field of oil and gas wells drilling for the Russian enterprises and abroad.

The main objective of PetroTool LLC is to provide high quality tools for oil and gas wells drilling, as well as the integrated service that give a customer the company assurance reliably protecting its interests and investments.

PetroTool LLC has its own modern technology equipped logistics center carrying out delivery of the equipment in the required timeframe.

All products are manufactured in accordance with implementated and existing quality management standards ISO 9001: 2008, Environmental Management ISO 14001: 2004 and API Q standards.


PetroTool LLC was established in 2006 as a company providing drill bit services. 

2007 - Extension of drill bit range (roler cone and fixed cutter).

2008 - Organization of PDM operation department, new market development (Western Siberia), own pdm & drill bit service in the fields of western siberia and Samara region.

2009 - Organization of NDT laboratory inspection using visual, ultrasonic, magnetic-particle, liquid penetrant, electromagnetic methods according to oil and gas and equipment of explosive and chemically hazardous industries.

2010 - Purchase of modern high-precision metall-working machines (made in USA). Development of drill-pipe subs for casing pipes and and lifting pipes in accordanse with GOST 7360-82.

2011 - Establishment of the PDM repair facility. Perchase of the milling-machine centre Micron™ (Switzerland).

2012 - Start of downhole motors support while drilling wells on the fields of Bashkortostan. Development and manufacturing of own em MWD system (Target™). ISO 9001:2008 certification (quality management system, health, environment).

2013 - Purchasing of modern high-precision metall-working machines (made in USA, Japan). Fixed-cutter bits, drilling equipment production.

2014 - Beginning of providing complete intergated services for drilling of oil and gas wells. Opening of subdivision in Samara presented by highly-qualified design engineers. Product certification according to API standards.

2015 - 2015 - Implementation and operation of the IPM-projects. 2016 - Operation of the IPM-projects.

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