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Mobile buildings

Mobile buildings

Mobile buildings are designed, constructed, equipped individually according to customer's specifications for different climatic conditions, in accordance with normative-technical requirements.

They do not require special foundations, so they can move around as close as possible to the consumer place. The heating and ventilation system can operate in a wide temperature range from – 600 to + 400 C. All that is necessary to organize the functioning of both residential and technical buildings, the horizontal platform and the connection to 220V.

The types of mass-produced mobile buildings:

The BEI is a mobile heated unit with installed inside the water tanks of the type Eurocup. The BEI is intended for potable water storage on the rig site. To minimize heat loss when pouring water in the walls provides a special window for placement of hoses.

BPC is a self — contained mobile compressor stations, designed to supply compressed air to technological processes on the rig.

DGU - Diesel-generator set container type is a mobile modular building metal symbolic (the block container), inside of which are mounted three phase diesel generator set series CATERPILLAR C15, intended for elektrosnabzhe - tion of consumers three-phase alternating current by voltage 220/400V, 50 Hz, and equipped with life support system.